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Mould Remediation

Around the world up to a third of all all building regardless of their construction type or age, contains within its fabric, mould spores which may lay dormant and completely harmless. However, given the right conditions, these spores will germinate, resulting in extensive growths of disfiguring and dangerous mould.

Hartlepool Mould Remediation
Mould needs very little in the way of nutrients to grow on walls and ceilings irrespective of the decorative finish. Mould spores will also become airborne posing a serious health risk, give off an obnoxious must smell and can also spread & destroy carpets, furnishings and clothes.

Exposure to mould spores is more serious than previously thought. The effects of moulds and dampness on the respiratory health of children are comparable to the effects of passive smoking and can also cause asthma and chronic bronchitis. In a recent US study of asthma in inner city suburbs, the mould Altenaria or "black mould" as it is also known was found to be the single most important factor associated with the disease.

In damp and mouldy houses, people are more likely to suffer from rhinitis, nasal congestion, coughs, wheezing and sore throats. Mould exposure is associated with being more susceptible to colds, lower respiratory tract infections and irritation of skin and eyes, fever and headache. In severe cases, exposure can cause death.

Commercial Mould Cleaning

Mould is being called "the asbestos of a new generation" in the United States and a rash of lawsuits totaling $US600 million is pending. A recent legal case resulted in the payout of $US3.1 million dollars by a company which did not adequately clean up a mould contaminated home.

Our innovative approach to mould remediation will completely eradicate mould outbreaks, ensuring that you will not only be mould free but it will never regrow if the underlying cause is also treated. This issue is becoming an increasingly important issue for landlords& social housing providers in the UK with several recent lawsuits being brought against local authorities and private landlords alike. Our mould remediation services is available to customers in Hartlepool and the rest of the NE of England

Crystal Maids offer a range of commercial cleaning services to customers based in and around Hartlepool and Teesside including Stockton, Billingham, Middlesbrough, Thornaby, Peterlee, Elwick Village, Greatham village, Norton, Wolviston and Wynyard - please contact us if you require further information.

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